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Tjager, Ruru and Rekan Law Firm ("TRR Law Firm") has the intention to be the foremost innovative law firm by building long-term relationships with clients based on high-experience, trust and highest standards of professional ethics. By adopting an effective and professional approach for the delivery of legal services, we offer unforgettable legal experience for our domestic and foreign clients. We focus on matters that require the attention, extensive experience and sophistication of our partners, matters that are important and critical to our clients.


TRR Law Firm wants to be one of your best choice law firm filled by qualified and experienced lawyers in rendering legal services under a specified quality code, core values, and client service standard.



Having spent more than a decade in serving major local and international clients, we are committed to serve and reach a genuine understanding of what our clients expect from our lawyers. Our lawyers are highly dedicated and also well-experienced in serving the needs of our clients. We aim to meet our client’s expectations by exceeding the goals, solve their problems and we want to be their trusted advisor.

Who We Are


  • One-on-One Approach
    We work as a team and we ensure that our people deliver satisfying solutions to meet the client objectives. With our commitment, experience and passion, we take one on one approach in providing the best legal service experience to our Clients.
  • Passion to Give the Best Solution to Our Clients
    We love what we do, therefore we are extremely passionate about providing the best possible legal services for our clients and it shows by providing a smooth and integrated legal service from start till the end.
  • Anti–Bribery
    TRR Law Firm has a strict anti-bribery and corruption policy which applies to all our people. We will not directly or indirectly engage in bribery or corruption in any form and have a zero-tolerance approach to breach, whether it involves private individuals or public officials. We will never accept, solicit, agree to receive, promise, offer or give a bribe, facilitation payment kickback or other improper payment. This policy is not only based on our internal moral values, but most importantly for our clients who uphold the principles of anti-bribery and corruption.
  • Personal Touch
    We always choose to have a long-term relationship with our clients. Therefore, we take the time to provide the personalized attention that you and your matter need by promptly returning phone calls and emails or even the meeting closer to your office, if necessary.
  • Cost Effective
    We provide our legal services against reasonable and competitive service fees. The service fees include any legal consultations or any other inquiry the client related to the case. We believe in an open discussion with our clients regarding the expected and ongoing costs of a transaction matter, as well as helping clients to manage their budgets and achieving their objectives.
  • Lawyers Who Are Responsive to Your Needs
    We treat our client as priority, with every tasks covered under our service will be completed as fast as possible (fast response). In rendering our legal service, we apply two level of supervision from our Founding/Managing Partner and Partner in-Charge.
  • Broad Array of Network and Professional Relationship
    It is with proud we inform you that we maintain an excellent relationship with many regulators, institutions, and governmental organization. Our managing partner and founding partner are two prominent figure in Indonesian Bureaucracy, particularly in the sector of State-Owned Enterprise (SOE), Capital Market, Banking and Restructurisation. More than that, our partners also enjoy eminent and recognizable reputation in those sectors of industry.


Our goal is to provide a highly personalized legal experience in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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